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"What do you do?"


What to Do When You’re Asked, “What Do You Do?”

One question that inevitably comes up when you’re getting to know someone is, “What is your story?” or, “What do you do?” Many of us struggle to answer this question, possibly answering with our title or where we work (which doesn’t truly tell someone what we do), or we go on and on and on, and it becomes more of a monologue than a dialogue. 

You need to give an answer that is comprehensive but concise. You can use a simple structure to help you. Let’s start with a great example from Lange consultant Kirsten Smith: 

“Hi everyone, I’m Kirsten Smith and I am an executive communications and leadership coach with Lange International. I transform leaders into powerful communicators by providing coaching and feedback so they can have more influence and impact in their organizations.” 

Kirsten started with her title and went into more detail by following the structure: 

I help ______ to ______ by ______. 

There are many structures and variations that you can use, but we recommend starting here to feel more confident and powerful in your introductions. Now, please share with us - what do YOU do?