Lange International


Orai - AI Speech Coach App

Lange International is excited to announce our partnership with Orai. Orai is an AI enabled app that provides immediate speech feedback on communication metrics like pace, filler words, energy, facial expression, and more. We have found it to be a wonderful reinforcement tool for our clients while providing a simple and accessible platform for asynchronous coaching. Since partnering with Orai in 2018, we have been able to augment our coaching and program deliveries in the following use cases:

Individual coaching

The Orai enterprise account allows us to interact with our clients with the option of providing time-stamped feedback on recordings submitted through the app. Whether it’s a quick check-in before a board meeting or an investor pitch, clients find Orai to be a fun and easy-to-use tool to help them between live coaching sessions.

team assessment and gamification

Orai can be used to build custom pre-program assessment and gamification for our 1 to 3 day face-to-face workshops. With customized prompts, we are able assess baseline metrics in delivery and content in order to customize coaching and group training programs for greater impact. This gamified experience offered in a team setting has proven to increase engagement and provide greater reinforcement.

MObile learning platform

In the fall of 2019, we launched a new mobile video learning experience through Orai that will be the first of a series of topics we will be able to offer to a large scale audience. The Modern Leader: Executive Presence, includes eleven 5-8 minute videos featuring Lange CEO and Founder, Jenna Lange, teaching key concepts that are accompanied by supplemental exercises in Orai. This has been an impactful add-on to pre-program homework or stand-alone individual learning.

Interested in learning more about how you can use Orai for yourself or bring the experience to your team? Please contact us today! For a limited time, we are offering a free 2-week premium Orai Pro account along with a sneak peek at the first two Executive Presence lessons.