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Nanette DeWester

Nanette DeWester - New York


Nanette has been providing clients with a broad range of proven creative solutions to their training and development need for over 16 years.

She began training after a career as a professional actor performing on stage and television, and as an improviser with such companies as Second City. She worked with Mt. Sinai’s Morchand Center teaching communication skills to physicians and medical students. She’s prepared many high profile clients for national television and radio appearances such as: “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” “The Daily Show,” and “Charlie Rose.”  Her clients include Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Jhumpa Lahiri, real estate entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran, Curves CEO Gary Heavin, New York Times Economist, Paul Krugman, and bestselling author Sue Monk Kid.

From her background in the arts and her experience in the corporate world, Nanette developed a unique approach that leverages innovative thinking and the use of creativity for professional development. Her ability to motivate the learning process, coach for skill building, and facilitate behavior change in an entertaining, engaging format, is the hallmark of her work, and, the key to results driven performance improvement.

Her clients range from Fortune 500 Senior Executives to non-profit companies, such as NBCUniversal, Barclays Capital, Sony Music, The Rockefeller Foundation, Google, Notre Dame University, Penguin Random House, and UNICEF.