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Juliet Erickson

Juliet Erickson - San Francisco


Juliet is a consultant with experience working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, academics, scientists, sportsmen and women, entertainers and public figures in organizations around the world. She also works with individuals from all walks of life who are facing a “make or break” moment in their personal lives when communicating effectively is critical.

A Californian by birth, Juliet commutes regularly between San Francisco and London and teaches and is a sought-after speaker worldwide. She describes what she does as ensuring her clients have the focus, force and energy to make the things they want to happen, happen; to help them win more often; to facilitate confidence, clarity and momentum.

In l989, Juliet became a founding partner of Rogen International, a global communication consultancy that develops skills and strategies for individuals in high stakes communication. In its first year the company's turnover was $300,000. By 2000 the company's turnover had grown to $25 million. Juliet was responsible for global growth of the company and established offices in Sydney, Auckland, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London.

In 2001 she sold her stake in Rogen International to focus on a number of creative projects and to work with select individuals and small groups. She has guest lectured at the London Business School and at Stanford University. She also coaches clients beyond the realm of business such as a wide variety of charitable organizations and NGO's.

Juliet has also had two books published - The Art of Persuasion (Hodder Mobius, 2004) and her most recent book Nine Ways to Walk Around A Boulder (Kyle Cathie, 2008).