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Christy Abele

Christy Abele - San Francisco


Christy is a Co-Active coach and a communications consultant working with both business executives and individuals.  Over the years, she has cultivated a highly empathetic style while infusing humor in her conversations.  She creates a warm and open environment for her clients.  Christy is devoted to seeing positive transformations in her clients that her coaching inspires.  She has worked in the telecommunications industry for eight years in the field of marketing where she customized and executed training programs across the US, Europe and Asia.  

Christy earned her BS in Business Administration from Indiana University.  She is currently working on her Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) Certification.  She lived and worked for several years in both Spain and Mexico City and is fluent in Spanish. In her sales capacity, she worked to open the telecommunications market to competition for the first time in Mexico. 

In addition to her work life, Christy serves on the board of the Russell/Engleman Rheumatology Research Center at UCSF and served as the Foundation President of the Novato Charter School.  She is a mother of a teenage daughter and son.  When she is not working, you can find Christy hiking the trails in Marin County with her family, or working on her yoga practice.