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Lange workshops begin with a communications audit for each participant which may include a video review or a self-assessment survey. This groundwork is critical to highly customize our workshops to target the biggest impact opportunities. The one to three-day workshops are interactive and use extensive role playing focused on real business scenarios. Read what our clients are saying!

Our most requested workshop topics include:

High Stakes Communication

The High Stakes Communication Skills workshop focuses on skills to help individuals connect with any audience, clearly communicate ideas and compel action. It is designed for individuals who have some experience communicating with executives yet need to have greater impact. The program focuses on providing tools and coaching to help participants with their communication via presentations, virtual meetings, emails and more. 


The Story Impact workshop focuses on the skills necessary to build a story that has impact so that it connects beyond the rational, has a clear point and compels a new way of thinking, feeling or acting. Some topics include:

  • Understanding how to connect your story to what people care about

  • Learning and practicing a storytelling framework

  • Understanding and practicing how to connect emotionally with strong delivery skills

  • Learning techniques to add texture so stories are more memorable and compel action

Executive Presence

The executive presence workshop aims to help participants develop strong business communication and presentation skills which are directly aligned to strong executive presence. Some topics include:

  • Tips in how to quickly read and adapt to an audience to maintain high engagement

  • Ways to control physical delivery for dynamic presenting

  • Strategies to improve confidence, comfort and control in any presentation environment


Communication Impact for Women

This workshop is designed to address specific challenges and opportunities unique to women in the workplace. Some topics include:

  • The balance between speaking up and being assertive, while staying authentic.

  • How to advocate for yourself and others in high stakes communication moments.

  • The role of executive presence and how your physical behavior influences perception.


The persuasive presenting workshop will help bring comfort and credibility to how you communicate. By combining the art, science and implementation of business communication, we will help participants become more effective in the art of persuasion and sales. 

"Coach the Coach"

This customized workshop will utilize client objectives to train participants in the art of coaching in order to more effectively lead their teams. Some of the key topics include:

•How to give actionable feedback
•The importance of the timing and language of feedback
•Ways to create a safe environment for failure and learning
•How to use exercises to shift mindset and create behavior change
•How to provide a client perspective.

Negotiation Skills

The Negotiations Skills workshop helps participants learn how to efficiently analyze negotiation situations, leverage strategies and tactics and manage their personal negotiation style to optimize outcomes for high stakes negotiations. Goals for the program include:

  • Increase confidence and control during a negotiation

  • Learn strategies and tactics to achieve desired negotiation results while maintaining a strong relationship

  • Be more flexible and strategic in planning for negotiations

  • Communicate through tension

What our clients are saying...

Lange International is truly focused on transforming people. I have seen firsthand how their consulting has amazing results in helping our team improve their communication and persuasion skills. We are seeing killer results!
— Deputy Director, Gates Foundation

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your investments in Lange on my behalf. This morning I gave a presentation at the State OPCMIA conference. It was the first time in a while where I’ve presented standing alone at the front of a large room full of people with a mic. It was the MOST comfortable I’ve EVER felt in that position. I walked out of there after my 45 minute presentation with a high I’ve never experienced. I’ve never, in my opinion, been a strong public speaker, but after today I really saw all of that training come through. I was calm, confident and most importantly I had fun! So…thank you, very much, it was awesome!
— Managing Director, Verus

Thanks for your help on our pitch last week. We won! You gave us structure and confidence. Plus, you’re a hell of a lot of fun to work with.
— CEO, Unico Properties

I am always amazed at how Lange International Consultants can break it down and make it seem so easy, when I am struggling. I remember: Stay loose, make it a conversation, and add some anecdotes.
— Managing Director: Russell Implementation Services Inc. | Russell Investments

By far one of the best and the practical trainings I have ever attended on effective Comms and Presentation skills. Her coaching tips and guidance is class apart. Her training on effective presentation can be a game changer for the participants.
— Head of Customer Experience, Google
I have witnessed firsthand the impact Lange International has had on some of the most senior marketers at Microsoft. People going through this training present with much more confidence and creativity. Influencing people and making ideas stick is an art and a science and Lange International brings both components together.
— GM, Microsoft

Lange International’s specialized consulting approach is becoming a must [for] top executives in today’s competitive environment, as there is no second chance to win a good first impression
— Partner, Heidrick & Struggles

Lange International has worked with us across several of our key markets in the America’s region. Strong program content and fluency in Spanish and Portuguese have contributed to successful programs for us, coupled with the ability to connect with our senior sales management in region and work really effectively alongside other vendor partners.
— Learning and Development Manager, MSN Sales Academy

I have very little time to dedicate to training and coaching and am a tough judge of effectiveness. This was an exceptional use of my time and I immediately applied the coaching on both content as well as delivery.
— CRG Events

Lange International has been a critical business partner for me in a variety of senior HR roles. Jenna and her team have a gift for driving immediate impact with senior executives - transforming how they communicate to drive organizations through change or growth.
— Vice President Human Resources, Ross Stores, Inc.