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Other Services

Other Services

Over ninety percent of our clients begin their partnership with Lange through one of our workshops or individual coaching engagements. However, what differentiates Lange is our ability to build relationships and offer continuing, customized learning experiences to help our clients reinforce their skills and accompany them on their individualized communication journeys. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" program and bring our collective experience and enthusiasm to offer a list of services that fit the unique objectives of each client. 

video reviews

Video reviews are an excellent asynchronous option for the busy executive. We provide a written analysis of your provided video highlighting strengths and opportunities, citing specific, time stamped examples. Video reviews can be stand alone or as part of a coaching engagement, executive program, or team/peer review experience.

Facilitation or orchestration

We provide facilitation & orchestration of large leadership and training events.  We bring a keen eye for building a growth mindset, connecting with an audience and creating a humorous safe environment to have honest conversations that drive business impact.